Today offers high-quality video pipeline inspection to make sure that your property looks perfect and functions smoothly!

Video Pipeline Inspection Houston

Expert Video Pipeline Inspection Team at Your Service

We believe in using top industry technologies for pipe video inspection. With our state-of-the-art pipeline inspection equipment, we can spot any issue within minutes. Fortunately, the days of estimating the location of the problem and digging holes in your home or yard are over!


Pipeline cameras have transformed the way professional plumbers complete pipeline inspection in Houston. Now you can enjoy fast, efficient, and property damage-free plumbing repairs with Today Professional Plumbing Services.

What Can Pipe Video Inspection Reveal?

1. Cracks

2. Corrosion

3. Clogs

4. Hidden leaks

5. Faulty draining

6. Water in fixtures

Scheduling a video inspection of your drains is quick and easy with Today Professional Plumbing Services. All you must do is give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page!

Why Do You Need a Professional Video Pipeline Inspection?

A video pipeline inspection allows plumbers to avoid destroying property to complete repairs. At Today Professional Plumbing Services, we use the latest telepresence technology. Our pipeline inspection equipment gives us the ultimate control over your pipes. We can actually see the inside of pipelines without having to touch any of your house walls or ground.

Here’s How a Video Pipeline Inspection in Houston Works

  • We come to your home and inspect the pipes causing you problems. You may notice an issue if your pipes aren’t draining correctly, are leaking, or are causing water or sewage to back up into your fixtures.

  • Once a potential problematic spot is detected, we start a video pipeline inspection. First, we insert a flexible rod equipped with a miniature camera and a light into your pipes. Then, the camera feeds back real-time images to our monitors.

  • Our high-definition pipeline video feed allows us to identify any kind of problem, from tree root intrusion to hidden leaks. We can see everything clearly on video display monitors. We’ll even let you see the issue for yourself on our screens.

  • Trained technicians interpret the images and come up with the best solution to your pipeline problem. We are extensively trained to decipher pipeline videos and pinpoint the heart of the issue with spot-on accuracy.

  • Once a pipe video inspection itself is over, we  will explain the nature of your pipeline issue in detail and give you upfront service pricing. Once you approve the repairs, we’ll start working right away.

Video pipeline inspections are simple and cost effective. We at Today Professional Plumbing Services can identify any plumbing issue without delay or guesswork. Call us to schedule your video inspection. 

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