Toilet Replacement & Repair

Toilet Plumbing in Northwest Houston

Perhaps no fixture is as important to have in your home as a toilet. Toilets are essential for comfort, convenience, and cleanliness. That comfort and safety can be compromised if there’s an issue with your toilet. Trust Today Professional Plumbing Services to repair your toilet problem.


Our experienced team has worked on many different toilets throughout the years, addressing various toilet issues. Common problems we see include low flushing power, clogs, and damaging leaks. Fortunately, we are available 24/7 to handle all these issues and more. 

Common Toilet Issues We Can Fix

We have the knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to complete any type of toilet repair quickly and efficiently. Give us a call and we’ll come to your home to diagnose and repair the issue the same day.


Here are a few common toilet troubles we solve:


Clogged toilet. This is an extremely common problem, but important to repair, nonetheless. Clogged toilets cannot be used – a frustrating and even dangerous problem. Plunging a toilet too often can damage or break the sewage pipes underneath, creating a plumbing emergency. Perpetual clogs point to a bigger problem farther down the drainpipe, such as a stubborn blockage.

Running toilet. A toilet that sounds like it’s running even when not in use is more than an irritating nuisance – it can waste gallons of water and raise your utility bills. Running toilets may be a sign of issues within your flush valve assembly or overflow pipe. Our team can fix running toilets in no time, helping you save money and stress.

Toilet replacement. Sometimes the only solution is to replace your toilet. This may be the case if your commode is more than 10 years old. Older toilets are much less efficient than newer models, using an average of 3.5 gallons per flush. Newer toilets use between 0.9 and 1.6 gallons per flush – cutting your water use by more than half!

Today Professional Plumbing Services can repair your toilet on time and on budget. We have the tools to get the job done correctly the first time. We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can also put your faith in us if you need to replace a toilet with a new model. For reliable toilet replacement, outstanding plumbing repairs, and tons of industry expertise, come to us.