Remodeling & New Plumbing Installs

New Plumbing Installation in Northwest Houston

During a home build or remodel, you may hear the term “rough-in.” This phrase describes the process of laying out the basic lines of a new installation or remodel before making the final connections. There are electrical and plumbing rough-ins involved in every new installation. The quality of your rough-in job can set the tone for the rest of your project in Houston. To work with a local plumbing contractor you can trust, hire Today Professional Plumbing Services.


Before you can enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom or kitchen, you must take necessary steps to ensure the code compliance of your project. There are permits you must acquire from building, electrical, and plumbing inspectors before you can proceed with a job. These permits rest on the quality of your rough-ins, as these are what inspectors look at to decide on the legality of a job. Work with plumbers you trust to get past this stage of the building process.

High Quality Residential Plumbing Service For Your Construction Project

At Today Professional Plumbing Services, we always take care of all permitting and building code compliance before beginning work on an installation or remodel. We take care of the rough-in process from top to bottom with the highest attention to detail. Our superbly trained technicians understand complex building regulations and can help move your project along quickly.


Here is what a typical plumbing rough-in looks like with our team:


Today Professional Plumbing Services will come to your location at the same time or after your electrician has come through and run electrical wires and installed boxes. At this point, no drywall should be installed.

Our team will come in and run supply and drain pipes through your walls and floors to accommodate fixtures and appliances in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room, or anywhere else the remodel or installation takes place.

We take great care to accommodate your wishes and local building codes. We will listen to your vision for the space and complete the rough-in to match your plumbing expectations.


Once we finish, an inspector will come through and approve the work. At this point, we will return to the build site and install fixtures. We can put your existing toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs back in place or bring in newer, more energy-efficient models at your request. Our team has perfected the rough-in process, adhering to strict building deadlines and meeting high expectations. We know what inspectors are looking for and can help ensure you pass the first stage of the build process.