Garbage Disposal Replacement & Repair

Garbage Disposal Repairs in Northwest Houston

Your garbage disposal plays an important role in keeping your kitchen clean. The garbage disposal gets rid of old food and clears the drain of debris. Problems with your garbage disposal can lead to foul smells and harmful bacteria growth, which are neither pleasant nor healthy. 


If you have a problem with your garbage disposal, call Today Professional Plumbing Services. Often the problem is a disposal that won’t turn on or spin. We can come to your home, inspect the appliance, and offer repairs to get it working again. 

When to Replace Your Disposal

We can offer our professional advice as to whether you should repair or replace your garbage disposal.

It might be time to replace your garbage disposal if it exhibits any of these issues:

Frequent clogging. If you use your garbage disposal correctly, only disposing of food items approved by the manufacturer, and it still clogs frequently, it may be time for a replacement. You may also need a disposal with a greater capacity.

You must reset your disposal often. Occasionally having to push the reset button on your disposal is normal, but having to do it every time or multiple times before it will work is a sign of an issue.

Stubborn odors. If you’ve tried tricks and tips to freshen your disposal but foul odors still linger, the smell (usually from stuck pieces of food, germs, and bacteria) may be trapped in the unit. In some cases, the only way to eliminate the smell is to replace the unit.

Dull blades. If the blades are no longer sharp enough to properly dispose of food, a replacement unit is the only solution. Sharper blades mean faster, more efficient food waste disposal.

Our team knows when to repair and when to replace. Trust us to inspect your garbage disposal system and make an accurate, dependable diagnosis of the problem.