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Complete Diagnosis & Sewer Line Repair Houston

Is your sewage system, that doesn’t work correctly, a real headache for you and your family members? Then, you are at the right place! Today Professional Plumbing Services is here to help when you have a major plumbing issue that threatens the comfort and safety of your household. With our high-quality sewer line repair Houston, you’ll get your sewage system fixed in no time and have the peace of mind again.  


Do you have a possible sewer clog? Do you need quick sewer drain pipe repair? Are leaking joints the problem you faced with? We’re here to do complete sewage repair for you today when tomorrow won’t do. We offer expert sewer line clog diagnosis and repair to our customers in the Northwest Houston area. We have the equipment and expertise you need to properly diagnose and fix blocked, clogged, or inefficient sewer lines.

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Cracked Pipe with Water Leak

Sewage Line Repair with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Today Professional Plumbing Services are not just a team of certified technicians capable of doing premium sewer drain pipe repair. We are a plumbing company which appreciates our clients and does its best to grant you the highest level of customer satisfaction.


When you contact Today Professional Plumbing Services for sewer drain repair, we never make you wait long. We respond in the shortest period to fix any issue you’ve faced with to help you return to your usual, convenient life as soon as possible.  


While conducting sewer line repair in Houston, we use the most modern equipment to make sure that the result will meet your expectations in full.


What’s more, we don’t limit our work to sewer drain pipe repair or clearing the clog. We also provide you with expert advice on how to avoid the problems with your sewage system in the future. In a word, we do everything to ensure that your sewer system will work as it should.

Problems You Can Fix with Our Sewer Line Repair Houston


The most common problems we see originate from sewer line clogs and harmful water leaks. The consequences of these issues include everything from being unable to use the toilet to water damage.


The expert team at Today Professional Plumbing Services has experience dealing with all kinds of sewer issues, big and small. This includes small pipeline blockages, complex main sewer problems, and more. Whether you need to repair sewage pipe or replace leaking joints, we are ready to help.


The wide range of sewer problems we address include:

Stubborn Sewer Blockage from Grease, Dirt, and Debris



This is the most common issue we repair. Flushing items such as dirt, hair, or paper towels can lead to difficult-to-clean clogs. Even normal use can eventually lead to sludge buildup that blocks your pipes. Our high-pressure pipe cleaning services can repair all types of sewer clogs in no time, flushing out your system so it’s good as new.

Broken, Cracked, or Collapsed Pipes



Shifting soil or hard freezes in the winter can lead to your pipes cracking or collapsing. We can complete sewer drain pipe repair, replacement, or total repiping jobs for your home as necessary.


Pipe Deterioration



Over time your pipes can corrode or deteriorate, exposing your home to a myriad of sewer system problems. We can perform pipe replacements, bringing your system up to date so you can have peace of mind.


Tree Roots Infiltrating Your Sewer Lines



Sometimes a tree growing too close to your home can lead to roots intruding on your sewage system. Roots may creep into your pipes and completely block them over time. Our team can extricate harmful tree roots, repair or replace your pipes, and take steps to ensure the same problem doesn’t happen again.

Misaligned, Bellied, or Poorly Installed Pipes



Sometimes inexperienced plumbers complete sewer line jobs that lead to problems down the road such as pipe misalignment or a bellied pipe. A bellied pipe is a section of piping that sinks down into the ground, creating an area where waste can pool.

Leaking Joints



If the sealed joints between your pipes are broken or cracked, water can escape and leak into your home or landscaping. A leaking sewer system is a health hazard as well as an inconvenience to your household. We can replace joints and pipes.


Give us a call right away to get all your problems with sewer lines fixed in no time!

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